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In keeping with our Mission Statement we offer you the very best in the area of your present dental need, with all specialists in attendance. We recognize that there are many ways to solve a dental problem and we will make you aware of the various treatment plan options.

Short Term, immediate problem solving, where we take care of just the immediate chief complaint, such as pain. The treatment begins and ends here, after, perhaps a filling or extraction.

Long Term treatment. We seek to improve the entire mouth as a whole, integrated, functioning unit, and , not as a series of single independant units.

We do all the dental work needed to bring the patient up to an optimum level, dentally. The patient is called upon to spend a fair amount of time and money. Thereafter, the patients only job, for a very long time, is just maintainance. This entails little or no expenditure. This results in less work (just maintainence) in future years, provided the patient maintains a good level of oral hygene, which too, can be monitored by us.

The advantages and disadvantages of each possible treatment plan will be explained to you. You may select the one that suits your budget. Where as , we specialize in Total Oral Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, we could restrict ourselves to your present requirements.

We will catalogue your General Medical and Dental History and will formulate a Treatment Plan for you, after taking the necessary diagnostic aids like Digital x-rays, CBCTs, study models etc..

You will then have to select the Treatment Plan that best serves your needs, this, after you are made aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

ADVANCE PAYMENT WILL BE MADE AT THIS STAGE and a 'consent form' will then be signed. This is usually followed by a dental cleaning procedure with instructions on dental hygiene. The treatment will then commence.

After completion of treatment, instruction will be given to you on maintainance. Your balance payment will be due then.

The following are only estimates of time. There will inevitably be changes on account of treatment variation and degree of difficulty of a job. Days may be increased in exceptional circumstances and reduced in many. This time table is a condensed one and we may need to increase the working days needed. In the interest of our foreign clients, we will endevour to drastically reduce the time needed, on getting advance intimation of their arrival and departure schedule. Fortunately, for them, sight seeing in between appointments will give us this breathing space and flexibility.

Crowns And Bridges

2-3 weeks approx
Prophylaxis, old crown\bridge removal and preliminary impression
Root Canal (single appointment finish)
Build up and final impression, temporary crown\bridge
Break / Filling Work etc
Post insertion adjustment
(complicated large reconstructions may take 4 weeks,
but will be known at the time of planning the treatment)


1 day for placement with 1 week follow up (if necessary) Preliminary Investigations (digital x-rays, CBCT scans etc),
surgical placement of implants, suture removal.
Break for 2-3 month healing period,
(break may stretch for 12-18 months if outstation patient so desires)
10 days for fabrication of crown or bridge over implants.

Veneers (Smile design - laboratory aided)

5 days approx
Preliminary and Final IMpressions
Break (for 3 days)
Cementation of Veneers
Post insertion check

Fillings And Aesthetic Reconstruction (Smile Design Etc)

3 days approx
Daily 1 or 2 sessions for 3 days.


Single visit root canals

Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

1 hour

Complete Dentures And Acrylic Partial Dentures (Removable)

1 week approx
Preliminary Impressions
Final Impressions
Centric Relation Record
Denture Delivery
Post insertion adjustments extra days.

Cast Partial Dentures (Removable)

3 weeks approx
Preliminary and Final Impressions
Break (for 18 days)
Framework Trial and denture delivery
Post Delivery Adjustments.

Oral Surgery (Wisdon Tooth Extraction, Or Accident Cases, Cancer)

1 week approx
Preliminary Investigation and Pre-medication
Surgery ( at the hospital or at the clinic)
Post Surgery Check up
Break ( for 4 days)
Sutures Removal

Periodontal Surgery

6 days approx
Prophylaxis, Curretage, Gingivectomy, Flap Surgeries,
Grafting and Bone Augmentation, Gingival Sculpting for
Aesthetics etc.
Preliminary Investigation and Surgery Post Surgery, Check Up
Break ( for 3 days)
Suture Removal

Childrens Dentistry

3 days approx
Treatment Planning
Pedondontics under anaesthesic sedation with Anaesthesiologist present
Break ( for 2 days )
Repetation of process if necessary or check up
Each of these categories will not be so clear cut. A few will dove tail with others and form various combinations. Free days for 1 category may be taken by working days of another.
In our constant endevour to improve the quality of our services, we welcome your inputs. Your greviances or suggestions will be acted upon, and \ or explained. Please click here.